CIRNE is a private foundation with a public vocation which has the following aims, according to its regulations:

- contribution to the development of thought and culture from progressive positions and from the regard to human rights,
- patronage, promotion and organization of initiatives designed to the protection, spreading and exaltation of cultural, scientific and humanistic values,
- advancement, divulging and preservation of our historical, artistic and documentary heritage,
- protection of natural resources and encouragement of sustainable and environmental development.

The foundation has been set up and has its head office in 18 Avda. Alicante , Xàbia, although its sphere of activity goes beyond its local boundaries.

It comprises the following spaces and regular activities:

- a hall especially devoted to exhibitions, both artistic showings and those with historical or ethnological content; chamber music concerts or solo concerts; lectures and talks, etc.; moreover, this hall will be used for conducting cultural conferences and meetings of those associations which share the same aims as the foundation’s,
- a library with specialized references, available to researchers and scholars,
- a historical archive, a photographic collection and a database consisting of written and graphic documents,
- a newspaper archive on a regional-wide scale from 19th and 20th centuries.

Likewise, the CIRNE foundation attaches great importance to the granting of scholarships and research aids as well as the collaboration with other private or public institutions, aimed to the acquisition of its objectives.
The foundation offers services of cultural assessing not only to private or public institutions but also to ordinary citizens, thanks to a well-prepared and capable human team.
The foundation board of trustees will programme its activities annually, either exhibitions, concerts, workshops, publications, lectures, congresses, etc. which are deemed appropriate, and it will make them public in order to contribute to the cultural enrichment of citizens

Fundació Cirne - Avda. Alacant 18, Xàbia tel: 96 579 67 80 -

CIF. G54259908/ inscribed in the Reg. of foundations of the Valencian Community with number 167-A .

Local Fundació Cirne from Fundació Cirne on Vimeo.